We all are smart in our own ways, but yet need to be smarter everyday..

Smart means everything…

Life is smart when it is simple and balanced. It needs to be lived to the fullest in harmony with the entire universe. It supports the sustainability of the entire universe, including the environment and fellow humans.

I try to make my life smarter everyday and would love to share my views and experience on how I see the world we live in today and how to make ourselves smarter. Education makes people more smarter and wiser sometimes. But the most smart and wiser people in this world may not have collage degrees or qualifications, they may be simple farmers in a rural village or found in least expected places, or never be found, but still they do exist. This means we can learn something from anyone and everyone we met and use it to make our lives smarter if we are wise enough.

This blog will be a mix of my many interests… nature and environmental sustainability,  food & home cooking,  vegetarianism, cycling, swimming, crocheting, gardening, music, comedy, university life, and anything and everything which interests me from time to time..

Welcome to the my world and enjoy…

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